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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B

Communication In any organization it is important to establish clear communication strategies in order to provide all the employees in the organization with the same information. Communication can be defined as the procedure by which information is exchanged between a sender, such as a manger, and a receiver, such as the managers subordinate (Motors, 2012). It is the exchange of information throughout the company between supervisors and the people they manage. General Motors is always trying to maximize the use of well-proven communication methods that equal results in the short term, rather than innovating or using unproven methods (Motors, 2012). However, while the use of experimented and proven communication tools are considered to be the best way to strengthen GM capacities in the field of communications, it is not excluded that GM will adopt new and innovative Knowledge Management approaches and tools in order to improve their techniques. The types of communication that General Motors uses are electronic communications such as the GM corporate website, printed publications and marketing products, and face-to-face meetings including participation at relevant events (Motors, 2012). General Motors puts a lot of detail into its electronic and technological communications, using a number of social media outlets (Motors, 2012). On its website, there is a link tha
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