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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Victoria Digby

Jeff Preston, PhD Candidate – Media Studies Founder, Mobilize March Cripz.ca UWO Canadians (Adults) With Disabilities • 2x less likely to obtain university credentials. • 2001  25% working-aged Canadian’s without disability had completed a university. • 14% with disability had achieved the same. • 2006  15-24 year olds: o 51% with disabilities have not completed high school. o 42% without disabilities have not completed high school. Disability Stereotypes • More likely to be unemployed. • More likely to be at the bottom of the income scale. • 25-54 year olds: o With disability: 47% have personal income below $15,000. o Without a disability: 25%. Jeff’s Background • Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. • Spokesperson for MDAC at 8 years old, poster child for 2 years. • YTV telethon. • Later nominated to the Easter Seals Ontario board of directors, eventually named Vice Chair, sat on board for a total of six years. • First public presentation at 3 years old. • His parents never let him make excuses, taught him he needed to advocate himself. Current • Beggar vs. barter, which story is true? Barter story is true origin of word “handicapped.” • Myths of disability in the press: o The idiot/child  Disability as innocence/ignorance  Frail, weak, naïve o The Supercrip  Extraordinary individuals with extraordinary abilities  Emphasis on “overcoming” disability o The victim/villain o Object of pity o Twisted by limitation Webcomic • Cripz • Comics with disabled characters, but not necessary about disabilities. • Telling their story, their way o Characters: Rhett (only wears medical scrubs) , Griff/Griffin, Kate. • A story with teeth o Language o Fashion o Medical model of disability • An opportunity for activism o Stairbombing o Chairbombing o Minority of many  People saying they can’t afford to become wheelchair-friendly. Types of Disability • Physical • Sensory (blind or deaf) • Intellectual • Social o Ex: social anxiety disorder o Upcoming, will be very big soon. What is a barrier? • Physical o Sandy beach • Architectural o Stairs o Space behind desks • Informational/Communicational o Sign language o Bliss boards • Technological o Windows Vista cost $500 more if you’re deaf or blind o iPhone is first consumer phone that reads things out and has voice control • Policy/Practice o Taxis o Rule that there can only be 15 accessible cabs in London, only two or three on the road at once • Attitudinal o Perceptions and weird ideas about disabilities What is the impact? • 4.4 million C
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