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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Victoria Digby

MONDAY, APRIL 4 , 2011 – NOT IN BOOK A behavioral perspective on MOS • MOS = management and organizational studies. • Organizations are full of humans, who think and act in interesting ways. • In social science, there is an emphasis on discovering ways in which this thinking and behavior is lawful. • This lawfulness is Theory. It is useful because it helps describe, explain, and predict behavior. Managers must be sensitive to context • Context, or features of the situation, is an invisible box that surrounds our models and procedures. • Introductory material in marketing and HRM encouraged us to consider contextual factors, e.g. demographics. • It is important to understand “the big picture,” and think about how these issues affect our practice. Managers contribute to organizational performance through… • Decision-making and problem-solving. • In marketing, this takes the following forms: o Understand and seeking to influence consumer decision-making o Making decisions with the 4Ps • In HRM, this is related to making decisions within and across the HRM processes. • A good decision or solution moves us closer to our goals. In complex organizations, alignment helps organizations succeed • What kinds of things need to be aligned? o In marketing, programs under the 4Ps need to be aligned with marketing goals. o In HRM, processes are aligned with the organization’s strategy, u
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