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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 2242A/B

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Lecture Something January 30 You write your quiz at 4:30 It is 10 multiple choice questions, so yay. Bring a calculator Binomial probability distribution Characteristics - An outcome on each trial of an experiment is classified into one of two mutually exclusive categories – a success or a failure - The random variable counts the number of successes in a fixed number of trials - The probability of success and failure stays the same for each trial - The trials are independent, meaning that the outcome of one trial does not affect the outcome of any other trial There are binomial probability tables in the back of the textbook, which we will be given for the quiz Poisson distribution - Describes the number of times some event occurs during a specified interval (time, distance, area, volume) - Characteristics: o Random variable is the number of times some event occurs during a defined period o The probability of the event is proportional to the size of the interval Chapter 6 Continuous probability distributions - Usually result from measuring something - Usually interested in information such as the percentage of data above or be
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