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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2276A/B
Kevin Thompson

CHAPTER 1 LECTURE NOTES Human Resources Lecture 1 Opening Statements 1. Employers and Employees are constantly at odds. 2. Each party wants the opposite of the other. If given a choice, employers would employ machines over humans. - eg. Employers want to pay less, employees want to get paid more. Finding Fair and equitable compensation is key. 3. If given a choice, humans would choose to get rid of machines and do the work themselves “There is no such thing as job security” - Economic factors, everyone is competing with each other (others might offer employers more value than you) economic forces drive demand which drives business which drives employment employees want: 1. challenging work – work that actually mkes a difference 2. personal growth – want skills to grow and develop 3. work/life balance – work hard play hard, family life 4. positive environment – not a stressful or negative environment (breeds contempt and political mindset) 5. honesty – want a manager who is approachable and open, that tells them the truth, open communication and of employers want in employees: 1. strong work ethic – employee that is willing to work hard 2. dependable and responsible – punctuality, do what there are supposed to do, responsible 3. positive attitude – initiative and motivation to get work done. Motivates others, enthusiastic 4. adaptable – maintain flexibility in an ever changing workplace 5. honest – work integrity 6. self-motivated – require little supervision and direction 7. motivated to grow & learn – interested in keeping up with new developments and knowledge 8. strong self-confidence – recognize skills and strengths and utilize them 9. professional behavior 10. loyal – loyal to the company Difficulty about working in this age – generation differences between employer and employees. Human Resources Management: “integrated set of processes, programs and systems in an organization that focuses on the effective deployment and development of its employees” − not working independently but all together - how to use your employees! -allocating skills and personalities to meet demands Marketing drives HRM: HRM finds out what human assets are n
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