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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2276A/B
Frederick King

Law Class intellectual propertyStand out Article What does it really meanIntellectual property IP refers to the creations of the mind such as inventions literary and artistic works as well as symbols names pictures designs and models used in business Patents trademarks copyrights industrial designs integrated circuit topographies and plant breeders rights are referred to as IP rightsIP rights are property in the sense that they are based on the legal right to exclude others from using the property Ownership of the rights can also be transferredThe Canadian Intellectual Property OfficeThe Canadian Intellectual Property Office CIPO a special operating agency of Industry Canada is mainly responsible for the administration of the IP system in CanadaCIPO encourages invention innovation and creativity in Canada fosters the use of the IP system and the exploitation of IP information and promotes Canadas international IP interestsCIPOs Client Service Centre CSC is one of the central points of entry for all general enquiries It providesdetailed information on filing requirementsconsultation with an information officeraccess to IP databases and searching guidanceaccess to search tools classification manuals index manuals domestic and foreign documents reference documents andcertified copies and photocopy serviceinformation on various aspects of IP Developing strategies for protecting and exploiting IPThe real value of intellectual property IP resides in your capacity to use it as an integral part of your business Take stock of what you haveIn an innovative dynamic business the value of IP can be much greater than the value of its physical assets Explore trade secrets and confidentiality agreementsA trade secret should be backed up by signed confidentiality agreements to preserve secrecy and proprietary knowledgeRelying on trade secrets is useful when the IP is unlikely to result in granted patent rights or you wish to retain exclusive use beyond the term of a patent A trade secret strategy is appropriate when it becomes difficult to copy the construction manufacturing process or formulation from the product itself
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