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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B
Dean Proessel

Social Responsibility and Ethics **additional reading on owl Social Issues: high prices, deceptive practices, exaggerated claims, high-pressure selling, unsafe or shoddy products, planned obsolescence, cultural pollution High prices Marketing's impact on individual consumers High advertising & promotion costs -brand names, trust Complaint: Prices are too high due to high costs of -distribution -advertising and promotion -excessive mark-ups Response: intermediaries are important and offer value advertising informs buyers of availability and merits of a brand consumer's don't understand the cost of doing business Deceptive practices -deceptive pricing, deceptive promotions, deceptive packaging. Deceptive pricing: falsely advertising "factory" or "wholesale" prices, large price reduction from a phony high retail list price) ex: winner, post original retail price and their price to make customers think that their price is lower Deceptive promotions: misrepresenting the product's features or performance, luring customers into the store for a bargain that is out of stock Deceptive packaging: exaggerating package contents through subtle design, using misleading labeling, describing size in misleanding terms How does society address this? legislation to protect from deceptive practices: Competition Act guidelines to prevent greenwashing: Competition Bureau industry self-regulation through: Advertising Standards Canada & Better Business Bureau High-pressure selling If great marketing is about building long term relationships, isn't this a pretty bad strategy? It should be stategies wining your customer's loyalty. But if it comes to fast fashion, they d
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