Chapter 14 & 15 Lecture Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B

Chapter 1415 Lecture NotesPromotional DecisionsThe Promotion MixMajor Promotion ToolsThe lack of measurement either they dont measure lack of follow through on measurement side or they have chose tactics or activities that are extremely difficult to measure such as mass advertising Direct mail is good at getting responses Consistency and clarity to the audience means Promotion means communicationEverything means communication to the promotional mixIf you can understand what your audience thinks then you can do what with promotioncommunication You will be able to pick a medium that speaks to their own identity You can make a connection with the person The Communications ProcessAn effective promotional message accomplishes three tasks when designing a campaign you need these 3 tasks It gains the receivers attentionIt achieves understanding by both receiver and senderIt stimulates or knowledge the receivers needs and suggests an appropriate method of satisfying themSteps in Developing Effective Marketing Communication1Determining the Communication ObjectivesMarketers seek a purchase response that results from a consumer decisionmaking process that includes the buyerreadiness stagesAwarenessI feel theres a gap and Im going to seek more knowledgeWhen you repurchase something you come back to the preference stage What promotional strategy could we employ to promote to different people Make 1 add that creates awarenessresearch modendMake a 2 add that creates that creates a action mode1Designing a MessageAIDA ModelGet AttentionHold Interestdoes it have some longevity of message there to hold their interestArouse DesireObtain ActionThe Message Channel and Noise Are Important TooREALLY IMPORTANT SLIDE EXAM POSSIBLYAside from the source the receiver encoding and decoding there are other aspects to the communication processMessage channel the carrier of the message The message channel may be a salesperson or some other mass medium A message channel may enhance or detract from a messagePersonal selling has the advantage of immediate feedbackfrom the receiverto the source In mass selling marketing research or sales figures provide the feedback and this process takes longer Many marketers are now including tollfree numbers or Web addresses in their mass selling appeals to speed up feedback from consumersNoise any distraction that reduces the effectiveness of the communication process Marketers must also take into account various ethical considerations in message planning Above all communications should be honest and fair and claims made in promotional messages should be specific and believable Sourcethe company what they are about example is UWOEncodingits how you craft your message its an art Crafting and assembling the message Is all of the elements that we assemble that form a message to the audience Some of those elements could be the brand how consumers recognize the product the brand is the recipient Its not just verbal or the physical but its also the emotional How we encode colors and messages into our brand to create an entity in the mind of the consumer Its even dress code that you provide your staff with when you hire your sales team And those clients are sent off to talk to the companies Its so critically important and overlooked in marketing You have to have consistency If the brand looks professional and you send one of your clients
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