Managing Information to Gain Customer Insight

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B
Angela White

Managing Information to Gain Customer Insights 1242012 1137Chapter 5Dove y Born in 1957 as a beauty soap y Sold in more than 80 countries with more then 5 billion in sales revenues y Powerful brand name consumers trust it and see it as honest but also as boring y Unilever needed to reposition the brand to make Dove a beauty brandCustomer insights y Fresh and deep insights into customers needs and wants are difficult to obtain y Derived from better information and more effective use of existing information y Companies are forming customer insight teams o Use insights to create more value for their customersMarketing Information Systems MIS y Consists of people and procedures for o Assessing the information needs o Developing needed information o Helping decision makers use the information for customers y Provides information to the companys marketing and other managers an external partners such as suppliers resellers and marketing service agencies o Marketing managers and other information usersObtaining customer and market insights from marketing information o Marketing information systemDeveloping needed informationInternal databasesMarketing intelligenceMarketing researchAssessing information needs
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