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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B
Beth Lee

A Cold Cut Crisis Listeriosis Maple Leaf Foods and the Politics of Apology 2008 food contamination of Listeria from Maple Leaf foods killed 20 peoplecost 50 million Maple Leaf was sure to be clearly visible and take full responsibilityCEO McCain sent an apology out that was aired on youtubenewsblogscontrolled by government and media concerns are raised and put down quickly Crisis communication attempt to control information and allay negative public relationsperformance gap when mgmt fails to live up to shareholder expectationslegitimacy gap when the interest of advocacy groups diverge from corporations goalstaking ownership even though unaware of at what point in the chain food was effectedcognitive expectations are based upon scienticreasoningnormative expectations tend to glass over where possible to ignore disappointmenttrust individuals and have condence in institutionsTobacco Sponsorship of Formula One and CART Auto Racing Tobacco Brand Exposure and Enhanced Symbolic Imagery through Cosponsors Third Party Advertisingsponsoring sports event
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