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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3305A/B
Suzanne Kearns

Chapter 8 DISPLAYS October 2, 2013  iPads, computers, avionics, etc.  Want to design such that pilots o Get info they need o Get info when they needed o Not too crowded o Not too complicated EARLIESTFLIGHTNSTRUMENTS  Barometer  Yaw string – slip indicator o Acted as a turn coordinator  Engine RPM indicator Milestones  Gyroscopes (spinning circle that maintains position in space) – AI, TC, HI  6-pack set up (research on how to best present information)  PFD’s  3 point altimeter EVOLUTION OF THENSTRUMENTATION DISPLAYS  Early 80’s o Need to  Improve pilot situational awareness (need to know where you are/what’s around you)  Allow safe 2 crew member operation o Accomplished through  More accurate/reliable data  More complete/synthesized data (i.e. G1000 system has everything on one screen)  More comprehensive/realistic format  Limitations to take in information all at once  human factors research on how we design displays (goes back to cognition)  Dynamic: change through time  Static: unchanged over time  Quantitative: measurements of amounts  Qualitative: info on rates/directions  System status: advise on situation  Warning/caution: alert to malfunctions  Inside-out: reflects the look inside the aircraft (usually still)  Outside-in: reflects the look from outside the aircraft (moving aircraft symbol) DISPLAYS  The nature of a display is to present information about a system o Which can be perceived and understood by an operator  There are 13 key human factor display principles o Grouped into 4 categories  Perceptual operations (reaching your senses)  Mental models (forming mental pictures)  Human attention (top of model)  Human memory (working memory vs. long-term memory) PERCEPTU
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