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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3321F/G
Selma Purac

Lecture Notes  Male consumption: A History th  18 thcentury – “great masculine renunciation”  19 century – butterfly dandy as a figure of ridicule o the man who was self-conscious about his appearance was feminized o allied with homosexuality  1929 stock market crash and Great Depression  post-WWII economic explosion o a time to celebrate and a time to spend o male consumption becomes more acceptable  the swinging 60s o swinging bachelor is the male figure of the time o Esquire: “the peacock has replaced the penguin” (1969) o Return of the dandy o Acceptable for men to consume conspicuously o The Peacock Revolution  in the 1970s, male consumption becomes unpopular again o hippie aesthetic  1980s – Reagan and the return to materialism o power dressing o conveying through clothing that you are well-off o emergence of the Yuppie (young, urban, professional) o Gucci, Calvin Klein, etc., advertise that it’s okay for men to care about how they dress o Wall Street (1987): “Greed is good”  1990s – grunge and the power of plaid o rejection of 1980s power dressing o Kurt Cobain – dominant male sex symbol, alternatively, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was also a sex symbol o Plaid as a movement away from materialism  2000s – rise of the metrosexual o opened up the market o “an advertisers walking wet dream” o Queer Eye for the Straight Guy  Gay guys approach a straight guy and make him metrosexual o Encouraging male shopping  Gladwell: “Listening to Khakis” (1997)  Levi’s Dockers 1987 campaign o Proved you could sell fashion to men o Emphasized male communication and community o Selling conformity – everyone is wearing the same pants in different colours  Khakis – “nonfashion-guy fashion”, non-demonstrative fashion
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