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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3330A/B

Lecture One: January 10 Topics for presentation: 1. Skills and strategies for making a good transition from university to your first professional job (career development) 2. Self-management skills relevant to managing your undergraduate career and experience (e.g. stress management, time management) Don’t break the chain 3. Skills and strategies for developing career direction – How can you clarify/learn what career you want to have? Standard, canned, textbook or Google based presentations will get a maximum of 60% - the presentation needs to be researched, interesting, thoughtful and value added. Most rooms do not have the technology to project – you can use a one page hand out or use Bristol board with bits stuck on it. Management skills What is management? A pig – it means different things to different people and in different contexts What is a skill? Being able to apply knowledge to a situation – and do it well “Learned capacity to carry out pre-determined valued activities often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both” It’s about improving how quickly, efficiently and effectively we can do things “Domain general” skills: work in any context “Domain specific” skills: need a context Regardless of context, you need to be able to work with and through people What is the most important skill you can have – personal, professional, or existential? Is learning a skill? If it is, it is the most important and you can improve your learning Smith Chant’s guide to learning in lecture 10. Sit near the front in every lecture. 9. Avoid texting and other distractions 8. Take notes – your process and summarise information and listen more actively 7. Ask great questions 6. Realise being wrong is important 5. Take responsibility for your learning – find your own motivation 4. Think critically about the material – be open to new ideas and make informed decisions 3. Make sure your academic career is balanced – don’t study 24/7 2. Make contact with professors and seminar leaders. Ask for help 1. Find your passion and put your heart into your work – follow up with the interesting things Management skills What are the most important things which add value? What does it take to be a good manager? KSAV – knowledge, skills, abilities, values Rabindra Kanungo on Skills Major issue in skill development Transferability – don’t learn a skill that’s too specific because they don’t work universally Frederick Taylor: scientific management partially based on matching employee skills to the job But what skills are important today when management is rapidly changing? What should you learn to solidly support your career? A problem universities have is students becoming too specialised in a given area We should focus on the ability to learn – the ability to be a quick study Kanungo’s Background Foundation Consistently observed behaviours/skills Making decisions – on what and how to use resources Developing ideas Communicating – exchanging information in both directions Managing conflict Managing change Networking Kanungo’s conclusion Skills framework Capabilities to undertake specific behaviours Both overt behaviour and covert (cognitive) activity (like integrity) Both formal skills and acquired predisposition Management skills are all about resourcefulness What is resourcefulness? Using whatever is around you to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to do MacGyver Being able to improvise Kanungo’s Framework Components of managerial resourcefulness Affective competence Controlling reactions which produce unproductive emotions Equanimi
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