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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3330A/B

th Management Lecture – February 14 Literature Review Don’t choose an overly broad topic Don’t write an essay that’s one long paragraph – there are examples of good formats on Blackboard Use APA formatting and don’t be stupid about it 1 – Choose a topic Do something that interests you Read about it to get a sense of the landscape of it is like 2 – Thinking of a mini research question or subtopic – A way to break the chunk into something smaller Listening skills becomes “training methods to develop listening skills” Check: is this a skill – is it something that can be learned and improved through practice? 3 – Search using relevant terms Find some recent articles that look great and work backwards Use Google Scholar to find articles with lots of citations (the number of papers that have used it) 4 – Choose several articles that seem related to your subtopic (One from 2011-2013) 5 – Find articles that work well together 6 – Follow Blackboard format to write well Lecture bits - Analysis is a good management skills o Is it an improvement over compression and ad hoc approaches o GIGO! Rigour is both a strength and a limit  Garbage In, Garbage Out Analytical approach - Define problems - Generate alternatives - Evaluate alternatives - Implement solution The textbook talks about some of the limitations this approach has Comments about frames and perspectives Reframing a situation changes the context, the definition, whose problem it is and the solutions Frame (understand), Deframe (break down understanding), Reframe (new understanding) Edward deBono - Cognition is patterned Western Intellectual Legacy - The gang of three (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) o Contradictio
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