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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3330A/B

 Can you improve your ability to analyse and think?  Problem solving as a skill o Origin of concern?  Work intensification  Leads to coping via FAPs  Compression  Ad hoc  If you only have a hammer, every problem is a nail o There is a better way! Lots of experience overcoming our habits o It takes attention, curiosity, organisation, and discipline o What is a problem?  When you don’t know the answer to something you want/need to know the answer to o What is analysis?  Goes back to Aristotle and Greek philosophy  Lysosome: cell organelle that kills the cell its in o Emphasis on linear, specific, quantitative, and objective aspects of situations/problems o Analytical problem solving (APS) is an approach and a complex set of skills o Steps/sequences – why?  To avoid compression and ad hoc  Reacting instead of thinking  Mintzberg (1976) “the structure of unstructured decision processes” (“No structure” is actually “unacknowledged structure”  1 – Identify issues (defining or clarifying the problem  2 – Generate alternatives, solution possibilities  3 – Evaluate and selecting solutions  4 – Implement solutions  The challenge: balance and integrate divergence and convergence process o We start with a narrow view o Problems always get wider and more complex, so we expand our approach o We start narrowing our choices back down again to a final product o Divergent/generative skills to convergent/integrative skills  Analytical problem solving approach o Define problem or issue  Analyse situation  Requires attention, acquisition and examination of rich data, and images to “put the puzzle together”  Develop a problem statement  Is the problem stated objectively?  Does everyone has a common understanding of the problem?  Is the problem specific in scope?  Identify desired state or goal  Describes where you want to be when issue is resolved – aspirational state  Criteria o Measureable: enables accountability, effective evaluation, identifying extent of required solution o No implied causes or solutions o Passes the “so what?” t
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