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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3330A/B

6-8 pages 4-6 pages of lit review 1-2 pages implications of this for your own skills and behaviours Use specific examples of how things might work differently What would you differently? Why? The more specific, the better Topics: - Skills in negotiation - Skills in cultivating attention and focus, in improving self-discipline - Skills in listening, in providing feedback, “the role of listening techniques in de-escalating conflict” Writing the literature review  A lit review offers a summary, analysis and synthesis of existing academic literature on a specific topic. o Focused, organised, and makes an argument  “State of the union” o Current arguments and debates o Progression of ideas  What has come to light over the time it has been studied? o Methodology and evidence  How are they researching it – how has that affected findings? o Unanswered questions and gaps o Experts and key texts  Find a focus o Narrow your search  General topic: managing for diversity  Narrowed topic: managing diverse sales teams  General topic: corporate responsibility  Narrowed topic: corporate voluntarism programs and employee satisfaction  Summarise and analyse o Identify  Major questions  Key concepts and terminology  Main findings or arguments  Methods or evidence  Important contributors o Ask  Is the argument supported?  How is the argument shaped by theoretical framework or subjective bias?  When and where was it written?  How are conclusions relevant to the field?  A lit review is not o A collage o An annotated bibliography o An opportunity for personal critique  Organise and synthesis o Discuss the current
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