Management and Organizational Studies 3344A/B Lecture 12: 3344B OH&S Chapter 12 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3344A/B
Jan Hill

Chapter 12 Textbook Notes Incident Investigation Rationale for incident investigation RAC program a hazard recognition, assessment control program; a key element in most hs programs 1. Determines direct causes of incident; allows for subsequent exploration of corrective measures 2. Identifies contributing causes 3. Prevents similar incidents 4. Creates a permanent record good for identifying trends; litigation compensation claims 5. Determines cost 6. Promotes safety awareness among employees Critical factors in the investigative process Timing Delays can lead to partialcomplete memory loss by witnesses, changes at the incident site, removal of important evidence Should occur after those injured receive medical attention incident site is secured to prevent access Severity Even minor incidents can be minor due to luck and can one day have more serious consequences One director recommends the following types of incidents to be investigated: o Those resulting in losttime injuries beyond the day of the incident o Where the injury was minor, but the empl was treated by a dr and there was potential for a serious injury o Close calls o Incidents wout injuries but property dmg exceeds 1k o Losttime incidents resulting from aggravation of a previous injury Legal reqs Depends on presence of injury, jurisdiction WSIB within 3 days Types of info collected 3 factors human, situational, environmental Human
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