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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3344A/B
Julie Aitken Schermer

Monday March 12 2012Training Learning Principles Applied to TrainingReinforcement indirect or direct feedback from the job performance Practice increases familiarity with the taskRepetitive Practice ideal for motor skills mass practice ex Parallel parking for new driversDistributive Practice repeat aspects of a job learn a bit at a time better for more complex jobs ex Learning BEDMAS in elementary schoolSkinner said that if you break down any task you can teach anyone to do anything become a lawyer physicistAndersons 1985 Three Phases of Skill Acquisitionst1 Declarative KnowledgeKnow facts by memorizing or reasoning ex Written driving test evaluates declarative knowledgeSlow performanceex Takes general public 3x to pass this test because most of these individuals have IQs between 90110 university students are roughly 107 and the general public isnt as good at memorizingError proneGeneral intelligence g important to masternd2 Knowledge CompilationIntegrate cognitive and motor processesStreamline behaviourPerceptual speed important to master ex People who play computer games do well at this stage because of their fast motor skillsrd3 Procedural KnowledgeSkill is automaticAble to do skill and other tasks multitask Psychomotor ability important to master coordination Not everyone has reached this level ex Cant talk on the phone while focusing on the roadTraining StrategiesSpeed StrategyoCompetitive edge from reduced time for productsservicesoTrain in team work and streamline methodsInnovation StrategyoDevelop products or services different from competitionoTrain to think creativelyoEx Boeing wants to be different from AirbusQuality EnhancementoOffer better product or service ex Rolls Royce has to be unique if they want people to pay 200000 for them like retracting the flying lady into the hood of the car so it isnt stolenCostReduction StrategyoProvide a cheaper product or serviceTraining First Step Assessing Training Needs3 Steps
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