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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3370A/B
Bob Larose

Group 11: Kassandra Di Cosola, Stormi Fonger, Hope Moir, Julia Orchard, Sara Calvert Assignment 2- ii Knowing the profession This occurs when the nurse demonstrates an appropriate understanding of CNO, RNAO and CNA’s standards of practice. Through the nurse’s actions and responses he/she will use clinical decision making to meet provincial legislation. This is demonstrated throughout the duration of Denise’s interview. The nurse appropriately conducted an interview with Denise by successfully using the four phases of an interview: preparatory phase, introduction, working phase, and termination. Preparatory phase: it is obvious that the nurse had done some prior research about Denise before entering the interview because the nurse entered the interview knowing the patient’s name, socioeconomic status and demographic data. The beginning phase: the nurse successfully introduced herself to Denise making the interview setting more comfortable for the client; by doing so, the nurse has created the foundation for a therapeutic relationship. The working phase: during this phase the nurse gathers both subjective and objective data. This requires active listening. The nurse uses open ended questions to allow Denise to expand and provide more information. An example of this is when the nurse asks Denise to explain how her father’s death had affected Denise. The nurse continues to maintain eye contact throughout the interview which creates equal power between Denise and the nurse. Termination: this is the end of the interview when the nurse re-caps everything that the patient has said to ensure that all information is gathered. When the nurse restates the clients health issues it offers Denise a chance to add more information that might be missing. Client-centered care This occurs when the nurses works with the client and allows the client to have an opinion in their plan of care. Client centered care is a standard that each nurse must meet according to CNO, and the nurse successfully did so in her interview with Denise. The nurse asked Denise what her future goals would be to achieve a healthier lifestyle since Denise is overweight and has minimal time to engage in physical activity. This allows the client to identify her goals, wishes and preferences for her plan of care. This is demonstrated when Denise realized that crash diets are not a healthy way to lose weight, and that she should try a long-term diet which would have better results. Knowing the self: Knowing the self involves a nurse’s knowledge of personal strengths, limitations, skills, and assumptions, and being able to understand the effect that these might have on the interview and the bias’s they might present. For example, the nurse was aware of her own personal opinions towards the health deficits of smoking and being overweight, however she did not allow them to take control of the interview. She was able to put these beliefs aside temporarily, in order to actively listen. Through doing this, she was able to discover that Denise was not only a heavy smoker and overweight, but also depressed about her father’s recent passing. The nurse was able to effectively use her ability to empathize with the patient in order to successfully conduct the interview. Although the nurse was able to put her beliefs aside temporarily, she was also able to inform Denise of the dangers of smoking and being overweight, and the overall negative effect they have on her health. This can be seen as a great success, as Denise had previously been in denial about how her smoking and poor diet impact her health Knowing the case This focuses primarily on empirical knowledge; it looks
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