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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Maria Ferraro

IdentifyMissionOrganize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful10 Principals focus on users do one thing really well fast democracy on the web anywhere makemore Identify Strategic ObjectivesFinancialDutch Auction allow investors to place bids for shares regardless of their size during IPOAt first very high in liquid assets cash due to selling stocks issued second round in 2005Stock Pricegradual increase hit in 2009 max 700Performing extremely well compared to SP Always remained high above positiveConsecutive growth in revenues 20012009cost of revenues are not growing at same rate as revenuesmore profitIncreasing net income loss due to high expenses and operating cost and cost of revenuesLarge source of money from when there are public offers only occurred in 20042006Large current asset change 200809 double marketable securitiesLarge investment in RD needs to happen as new company can easily rise with a better ideaLarge retained earnings large kept by company without being distributed to stockholdersRevenues big increase in network websitesGoogle is growing each year looking sustainableLargest market in USA followed by UK and then rest of world China restrictionsNonFinancialAcquired other companies to go along with their company Earth Maps videosbooksmusic calendar photo album blog news gmail YouTubeTV Mobile also large potent
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