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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
John White

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Guide to Case Analysis - EXPANDED Identify • Vision • Mission Is their vision statement inspiring - empowering? Does their mission statement nicely sum up what they do for a living? If not, your recommendations at the end should include something about this. Identify Strategic Objectives • Financial • Non-Financial Do they have any? Are they realistic targets?Your recommendations might include setting better , measurable objectives if they don’t have anything clearly articulated. Identify Current Business Strategy • Does It Make Sense? Why? It’s handy to do this visually. I want you to identify their current strategy on two axis as a starting point: broad/focused and low cost/differentiated. Where would you put the company you’re analyzing? Are they moving strategically along either of these axis? Does their business strategy make sense? This is where you look at the “big picture” with regards to the company’s business. It’s particularly important if their strategy involves moving from one quadrant to another (growing from focused to broad for example). Existing competitive advantages may not carry over and a whole different set of KSF may be required. Fordta BROAD As an example, Hyundai I’ve listed a few players in the automotive industry. FOCUSED Porsche Ferrari LOW COST DIFFERENTIATED (homogenous) Industry Analysis • Five Forces Look at the industry today You’ll have to just write this out in the discussion forum, but on an exam it’s handy to do this visually: THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS High - Medium - Low Why? SUPPLIER POWER RIVALRY BUYER POWER High - Medium - Low High - Medium - Low Why? High - Medium - Low Why? THREAT OF SUBSTITUTES High - Medium - Low Why? • Driving Forces - Look at the industry's future o General Environment Demographic, Socio-cultural, Political-Legal, Technological , Economic, Global Make two columns - one for positives - one for negatives • Economic Traits - Nature of the industry • Key Success Factors (you’ll use these in the next section) • Implications Competitive Analysis • Competitive Intelligence - Identify & understand rivals' strengths and weaknesses relative to industry KSF This analysis works nicely as a chart - state how each competitor does relatively on each KSF. You could do good/bad/average or a scale of some sort (mark then out of ten for example) RIVAL 1 RIVAL 2 RIVAL 3 SUBJECT COMPANY KSF 1 good / average / bad KSF 2 KSF 3 KSF 4 • Strategic Group Map • Implications Company Analysis • How well has current strategy been executed? • Financial Performance I absolutely want to see the growth numbers for sales, cost of sales and net income.
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