Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B Lecture Notes - Work Hard, Play Hard, Brand Loyalty, Corporate Social Responsibility

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Oct 24 Readings/Class Notes - MOS
Module Two – Human Resources Management (HRM)
HR effects everyone, even managers
1. Employers and employees are constantly at odds.
2. Each party wants the opposite of the other. If given a choice, employers
would employ machines over humans.
3. If given a choice, humans would choose to get rid of machines and do the
work themselves.
Other perceptions from Employer perspective?
Other perceptions from Employee perspective?
Employers are dealing with people who are physically present, but mentally
Employees Want...
1) Challenging work.
Employees want to do work that makes a difference, that they are not just
“cops” in the wheel.
2) Personal Growth
Want their skills to grow and develop
Company to invest in their development
Best companies invest in their people.
3) Work/life balance
Want a company to understand that their family life is very important -
work hard, play hard”
Demographics drive work protocols
4) Positive Environment
- Do not want a stressful, negative environment – this environment breeds
comtempt along with a political mindset.
- Effective companies have an open-door policy
5) Honesty
- Want to know where they stand.
- Want a manager who will open and approachable and a company that will
tell them the truth. Employees are resilient. Trust them and of course... $$$
What Employers are Thinking
1. Strong work ethic
- value an employee who understands and possesses a willingness to work
2. Dependable and Responsible
- They want employees who come to work on time and there when they are
supposed to be, are responsible for their actions and behaviour
3. Possess a Positive Attitude
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