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Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B Lecture Notes - Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma, Web 2.0

Management and Organizational Studies
Course Code
MOS 1021A/B
James O' Brien

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Challenges of HRM
Global Economy
We live in a volatile, uncertain complex world
Nortel Network vignette
Competitive implications: opportunity and threat to the firm
Practices and processes are problematic when you cross when you cross international
Survival of Firms and Sectors
What's a business function that is shrinking or disappeared in your lifetime?
-Travel agents
-Television repair
Downsizing, outsourcing: How many employees?
Managing the employer: employee boundary
Technology and Quality
Impact of Web 2.0
-online job applications
-Statistical process control in manufacturing
- TQM, Six Sigma, ISO, benchmarking
-Can be overgeneralized; consider Ritz-Carlton example
Environment and Climate Change
What does sustainability mean to you?
-Feel good exercise or moral obligation?
-What is the basis for your position?
Human Capital and Talent Management
Where do these items show up on a balance sheet?
Investing in employees and their development; including developmental assignments
Demographic and Employee Concerns
-Generations at work
-Skills and labour shortage
-Education, privacy, work-life balance
Business Strategy and HR Strategy
Strategy= choice of action
Corporate strategy concerns the big questions, like restructure or grow
Business strategy focuses on one line of business and answers Porter's questions
-What are the key HR processes?
-alignment, or linking HR strategy to business unit strategy
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