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Management and Organizational Studies
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Suzanne Kearns

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History of Aviation
History, myth and legends are filled with humans longing for flight
Tried to attain flight by having humans flap wings like a bird
(Orinthopter Concept)
Leonardo da Vinci
5000 pages were never made public, his work could have advanced
First to apply science theories to flight, contributed to the propeller
and parachute.
Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier were first to accomplish air
o Were French paper makes, filled a bag with fire smoke and it
rose to the roof
o On June 4th, 1793 they flew an empty balloon
o September 19, 1783, sent sheep, rooster and duck which
became first aerial passengers.
o November 21, 1783
Jean de Rozier helped build a bigger balloon, first test
pilot, and 23 min in air.
Jacques Charles added a rubber coating to the balloon, used
Air age comes to Canada in 10th August 1840
Manned by Louis Anselm Lauriat, in “star of the east”
The Dirigible
Add controls balloons, vertical and horizontal stabilizers
First steerable balloon, Henri Giffard
Alberto Santos-Dumont, among early builders of controlled airships
Balloon was a distraction to aviation, distracting research.
Wright Brothers (Wilbur and Orville)
Bicycle manufactures
Determined you needed wings, power for flight and control once
o Tested glider in Kitty Hawk, NC
December 17, 1903
o Flown by Orville
o Flight lasted 12 seconds and traveled 120 feet
o Engine was built by Charles Taylor, a mechanic in their bike
12 HP and weight 17 lbs
Not immediately accepted as fathers of aviation
o 15 years hundred of airplane prototypes created
Alexander Graham Bell

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Determined to bring power flight to Canada
Baddeck, NS
Formed Aerial Experiment association (AEA) in 1907
Stopped flying in 1912
Silver dart
Flew for 90 sec
Flying Clubs started, First Canadian Air show in 1910 Montréal, more
crashing then flying
Proposed the idea of an airplane with military utility to the
Canadian gov‟t.
First Military Use
Canadian Aviation Corps
September 1914
Two officers
American built burgess plane
Fall of 1912
Reconnaissance was very important
Sketches then photography
Creation of Air force
Brittan trained 250 Canadian pilots
December 1916, 20 training bases
o Purchased of Toronto Curtiss factory, manufacture the canuk
BY END OF WAR 20000 Canadian had served in RFC
127 Canadian Aces
Billy Bishop, top ace of the war
William Barker
War was Over
Gov‟t disposed of training aircraft
Curtiss flying H2Sl boat first Canadian bush planes
o Replaced by Vickers Viking (Canadian)
o Entertained the public
Buzz the town, give rides for charge and fairs
o Advertising (plaster with ads, or „bomb‟ ad literature)
Crossing the Atlantic
1913, Lord Northcilfee gave prize of 10,000 pounds.
o Charles Lindbergh, Spirit of St. Louis
o Roosevelt Field, NY to Paris, FR
o Became international hero and celebrity
Air Lobby
Worked toward making flight part of daily life
Lobbied to create Air Board
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