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Lecture 2

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Management and Organizational Studies
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Suzanne Kearns

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Civil Aviation
All aspects except the military
Airlines are best known, but have less pilots and aircraft then
General Aviation
Canada has the 2nd largest civil aircraft fleet in the world
o 29064 fixed-wing and 2505 rotary-wing.
o 80% aircraft operate in GA
Anything other then the military or commercial scheduled air
COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association)
o Started in 1952
o Lobby the gov’t to protect rights to Canadian airspace,
raise awareness of issues that impact the flying
community, promote air safety and lower the cost of
Number of pilots has grown steadily
o 1952: 7000, 2008: 64,542
Flight Training
In Canada the are 388 active flight schools
Becoming a pilot requires a knowledge and skill training
combined with hours of experience
Multi-Crew Pilot License (Not in Canada)
o A response to the predicted pilot shortage
o Permits a person to act as co-pilot on a multi-engine
transport aircraft
o Only takes 15 months, heavy use of simulation and
scenario-based training.
Personal Aviation
Flight conducted for transportation or recreation
VLJ’S are a new option
o By 2020 are expected to be in service
o Weighs less the 10,000 lbs
o Certified for single pilot operation, 5- 6 seats
o ½ the price of the least expensive traditional jet
o Maintaining access to airport
o Access to 100 LL fuel
o Raising awareness of environmental impacts of GA
Aircraft Manufacturing
Canadian aerospace products are sold throughout the world
$20 billions worth/ year
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