Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Lecture Notes - Maple Leaf Foods, The Home Depot, Desjardins Group

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OB In the News
Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corp. Cultures of 2010
Blinds To Go
Canadian Western Bank
Desjardins Group
Discount Car and Truck Rentals
Flight Centre
Healthcare of Ont. Pension Plan
Maple Leaf Foods
Proctor and Gamble
The Home Depot
Chapter 10 - Teams
Group: 2 or more individuals interacting for a purpose but not a common goal
Team: A group whose collective effort is greater than individual input working towards a
common goal (a selfless mindset).
Most likely will be more and more teams in the future.
Know the differences between formal and informal groups – page 226/227.
Groups are good because…
Performance can increase
Job satisfaction can increase
Communication can be better
Perception improves collectively (Gestalt Theory)
Groups are bad because…
It’s hard to trust.
Guest Speaker – Coach Greg Marshall, UWO Mustangs
On a team, you must sacrifice your wants for the good of the team..
It takes more than skill, you must be mentally tough.
Teams that play like a team, those athletes are willing to work a little harder
because they care about each other and don’t want to let each other down.
Always looking for a good fit, people that can wok together.
Speeches create an arousal level, but soon you forget about it.
“Family comes first.”