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Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Lecture Notes - Selective Perception, Kinesics, Nonverbal Communication

Management and Organizational Studies
Course Code
MOS 2181A/B
Victoria Digby

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1999 - How many days/year are wasted due to poor communication?
Answer: 7.8 weeks
Has this increased or decreased in the past 10 years?
The communication process:
oSender (source encodes)
In whose language should they send the message? In the receivers.
oMessage (date/information)
oChannel (media)
Some are richer than others
oNoise (distorts messages)
oReceiver (decodes message)
In their own language, distortion can take place here
oFeedback (confirms understanding)
Distortions of the process
oSelective perception
(which is more active: hearing or listening?)
(Too technical or slang)
What is the importance of providing feedback?
oSee page 361 – multisource feedback
oPeter Senge – The Fifth Discipline & Jack Welch (ex-CEO of G.E.) all insist
on feedback.
Current Issues in Communication
oNonverbal communication
Kinesics – does body language really make a difference?
oCross cultural communication
Know page 354
oElectronic communication devices
UWO Employee Communications
Develop formalized employee communications program
Build stronger relationships with current and prospective faculty and staff
Demonstrate progressive HR practices
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