Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Lecture Notes - Salmon, Ebay, Decision-Making

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Organization: System of consciously coordinated activities of 2 or more people.
Organizational structure: How work is organized. Four factors: coordination of effort,
division of labor, common goal, hierarchy of authority.
Unity of command: historical belief each employee should report to
Simple Structure – Mintzberg
-Not elaborate
-Few support staffers
-Loose division of labor
-Little to no techno structure
-Small managerial hierarchy.
-Strategic apex key.
-Organic operating core
Work is very standardized
oPeople have to fit work
Very highly specialized
Routine operating tasks
Very formalized procedures in operating core
Tons of rules and regulations
Formal communication
Reliant on functional areas
Decision making is centralized
Big decision between line and staff
Techno structure is key parr structure
Ex: GM
Hires highly trained specialists professionals for operating core.
Standardized output
Key part middle
Indoctrination into mindset/culture of division managers
Diversification of product
Coordinating output between strategic apex and operating core
Markets can be relatively simple
Ex: Proctor and Gamble
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