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Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Lecture Notes - Society For Human Resource Management

Management and Organizational Studies
Course Code
MOS 2181A/B
Victoria Digby

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, 2011 – NOT IN BOOK
A behavioral perspective on MOS
MOS = management and organizational studies.
Organizations are full of humans, who think and act in interesting ways.
In social science, there is an emphasis on discovering ways in which this thinking and
behavior is lawful.
This lawfulness is Theory. It is useful because it helps describe, explain, and predict
Managers must be sensitive to context
Context, or features of the situation, is an invisible box that surrounds our models and
Introductory material in marketing and HRM encouraged us to consider contextual
factors, e.g. demographics.
It is important to understand “the big picture,” and think about how these issues affect
our practice.
Managers contribute to organizational performance through…
Decision-making and problem-solving.
In marketing, this takes the following forms:
oUnderstand and seeking to influence consumer decision-making
oMaking decisions with the 4Ps
In HRM, this is related to making decisions within and across the HRM processes.
A good decision or solution moves us closer to our goals.
In complex organizations, alignment helps organizations succeed
What kinds of things need to be aligned?
oIn marketing, programs under the 4Ps need to be aligned with marketing
oIn HRM, processes are aligned with the organization’s strategy, under SHRM.
It’s easy for things to fall out of alignment, when many people are working on
interrelated things in complex organizations.
Managers working in functional areas like marketing and HRM need to understand
Markets matter
A straightforward definition of markets is that they are where buyers and sellers meet.
Markets serve useful purposes, including coordinating prices and allocating
resources. You have or will learn about market efficiency in your studies in Econ.
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