Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Procedural Justice, Distributive Justice, Eastern Canada

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Lecture 6
A lot of it is from the textbook
Next Quiz
2nd class back from reading week
Will cover motivation, today, and rst class back – 3 chapters from
Trust, Justice, and Ethics
If you want to recruit good people, then they want to work for a
trustworthy company
Trust vs. risk
oTrust = willing to be vulnerable, haven’t actually done it yet
oRisk = actually becoming vulnerable
3 types of trust
oDisposition – what you’re like
oCognition – based on their past experienced
oA*ect-based – trust people we like more than those we don’t like
oGeneral expectation that promises and statements can be relied
oA*ected by genetics, culture
oThings that inspire trust – track record
Based on ability (skills), benevolence (reciprocity), integrity
oMost important with subordinates - benevolence
oMost important with supervisors – ability, integrity
A*ect-based trust
oWill start with personality based trust, then based on track record
trust, with some people a*ect-based trust will occur
Ex: graduating, get o*ered job at 50,000 non-negotiable, are giving
same job to other similar people at 60,000
oWould take it if no other options, but would not feel that good
Ex: hurricane hits Eastern Canada, causing damage and leaving people
with electricity, demand is up, supply is down, leads economists to
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