Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B Lecture Notes - Integrated Marketing Communications, Zappos, Tic Tac

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A Cold Cut Crisis: Listeriosis, Maple Leaf Foods, and the Politics of Apology
- 2008 food contamination of Listeria from Maple Leaf foods killed 20 people
-cost $50 million
-Maple Leaf was sure to be clearly visible and take full responsibility
-CEO McCain, sent an apology out that was aired on youtube/news/blogs
-controlled by government and media, concerns are raised and put down quickly
-Crisis communication: attempt to control information and allay negative public relations
-performance gap when mgmt fails to live up to shareholder expectations
-legitimacy gap when the interest of advocacy groups diverge from corporations goals
-taking ownership even though unaware of at what point in the chain food was effected
-cognitive expectations are based upon scientific reasoning
-normative expectations tend to glass over where possible to ignore disappointment
-trust individuals and have confidence in institutions
Tobacco Sponsorship of Formula One and CART Auto Racing: Tobacco Brand
Exposure and Enhanced Symbolic Imagery through Co-sponsors' Third Party
-sponsoring sports events have a number of objectives: increase awareness, reinforce
brand image, improve sales or market share but regulations are on cigarette
advertisements (Canada in 1972)
-Tobacco companies now sponsor broadcast sports events to make up for other ads
-Use third parties to advertise through (Sports car driver racers)
-enhance tobacco by doing co-branding- having two+ brands promote same things ex.
Cigarettes and Zappos lighters or Tic Tacs
Agency Perceptions and Practices on Global IMC
-Globally Integrated Marketing Communications (GIMC) is a system of promotional
management which coordinates global communications across both countries and
promotion disciplines, regardless of whether a standardized or adaptive strategy is
-many aspects of a campaign do not cross culturally so think globally act locally
- (1) interoffice coordination, (2) coordination of promotion disciplines across country
offices, (3) degree of centralization, (4) frequency of interoffice communication, and (5)
use of information technology
- did survey of 65 global advertising agencies, survey and open ended questions
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