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Management and Organizational Studies 3330A/B Lecture Notes - Gregory Bateson, Meta-Communication, Paralanguage

Management and Organizational Studies
Course Code
MOS 3330A/B

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Lecture two: January 17th
Week Three Seminar: Two minute presentation on one of the readings
Communication skills
Communication foundations
Written communication skills
Oral presentation skills (this and the above are outbound skills what we tell others)
Listening skills
Online communication as a new type?
Communication foundations
Communication: the ability to exchange opinions and ideas with others through speech, gestures
A lot of communication is about perception what I perceive you are saying and how I respond
Gregory Bateson
Communication vs. metacommunication (can change what communication actually says)
Things like formatting, body language and placement (gives context)
Meta communication in oral presentations: kinesics (body lang), proxemics (space relationships
between communicators), paralinguistic (things added to voice tone, pitch, etc.)
*Ways we communicate without words important parts of presentations. How you say it
Written communications
1 Difference in purpose
Convey information and persuade (the information is relevant to decision making)
2 Difference in order
Purpose, main arguments and conclusions are revealed immediately
3 Difference in structure
Fairly rigid structure (executive summary, body, conclusions, appendices
Oral presentation
Assignment 6-7 minutes supplemented by a handout
Evaluated based on: structure/organisation, “delivery”, analysis/value-added
Reference list submitted to Susan at the beginning of presentation
Presentation problems
Deal with your anxiety (people get too focused on your anxious behaviour)
Body language hands and feet
Reading notes, monotone and velocity
Power point overkill we put too much emphasis on technology
Launching right in you need to build towards your topic, introduce it
Getting lost in detail use a framework, compare/contrast
Losing a sense of time