Management and Organizational Studies 3384A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: The Work Foundation, Succession Planning, W. M. Keck Observatory

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Involves the ethical treatment of job applicants throughout the recruiting and hiring process. Result from hr professionals following the accepted standards and principles of professional associations. Human rights, legislation superior employees of suitable positions. Managers want to know if they can turn raw talent into a good employee. Succession planning: 3 banks with retired ceo example had people/ An organization"s commitment to recruit, retain, and develop the most talented and. Involves developing an employee"s career across the organization and being aware (cid:498)successors(cid:499) ready to take on the job. Hris: computer-based systems that track employee data, the needs of hr, and the requirements and competencies needed for different positions, among other functions. Recruitment: the generation of an applicant pool for a position or job in order to provide the required number of candidates for a subsequent selection or promotion program. Generate a pool and narrow down from that.