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Microbiology and Immunology
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Microbiology and Immunology 2500A/B

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Lecture 19 Intro to Human Viruses Virus: An obligatory intracellular parasite  Needs to replicate/reproduce within a host cell Classification of Viruses  Replication depends on whether the viral genome is 1. DNA or RNA 2. Single-stranded (ss) or Double-stranded (ds) 3. Segmented (many pieces) or non-segmented (one piece)  ssRNA can be either (+) or (-) sense  Can be ambisense: contains 1/2 (+) and 1/2 (-) sense RNA  - sense RNA is the template/compliment strand of mRNA/(+)RNA  The 7 groups used to classify viruses: 1. dsDNA viruses 2. ssDNA viruses 3. dsRNA viruses 4. (+) ssRNA viruses 5. (-) ssRNA viruses 6. DNA reverse transcribing Viruses 7. RNA reverse transcribing viruses Structure of Viruses  Morphological Criteria o Presence or absence of an envelope  Envelope=Viral  Proteins and host cell lipid o Nucleoscapsid structure  Icosahedron o 12 vertices or corners o 30 edges o 20 faces (equilateral triangles)  Viruses can contain different nucleic acids and have different shapes Replication of Virus 1. Attachment and Absorption o Some naked viruses: Endocytose into the host cell (engulfment) o Some envelope virus: Fusion of the viral envelope with the host-cell plasma membrane o The gp120 receptor on HIV recogniz
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