Microimmunology lecture 1 notes

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Microbiology and Immunology
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Microbiology and Immunology 3300B
Rodney Dekoter

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MICROIMMUNOLOGY LECTURE 1 September 8 2011y Slide with X ray shows bones affected by arthritis caused by microorganismsy Extracellular pathogens in our body but outside cells cud be in blood or on surface intracellular inside cellsy Exotoxins produced by extracellular bacteria to break down body membranes and get inside toxins by intracellular bacteriay They form complexes with our cellular stuff or they make us create antibodies against our bodies or we get damaged by creating antibodies and waging war against pathogensy Eildreich came up with the idea of antigen yUnique part of antibody is the tip rest is same The tip recognises a specific antibod
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