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Microbiology and Immunology
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Microbiology and Immunology 3300B
Rodney Dekoter

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Immunology NotesSept 1512 Most immune cells are in the circulation found in the blood Lymphocytes and myeloid cells are a subclass of immune cells white blood cells In adults immune cells are formed in the bone marrow Immune cells are found in blood lymph central lymphoid organs thymus bone marrow peripheral lymphoid organs spleen lymph nodes and most tissues Bone marrow Spongy material found in long bones arm and legs Contains developing immune cells and erythrocytes connective tissue and fat Central primary lymphoid tissues Sites where lymphoid immune cells undergo the final stages of development Tcells develop in the thymus and Bcells develop in the bone marrow These are adaptive immune cells Peripheral secondary lymphoid tissues Sites where mature lymphoid cells scan for cognate antigens These include the adenoid tonsil lymphatic vesicles lymph nodes spleen and peyers patch small intestine Bloodlymph system Capillaries allow small amounts of fluid to leak into tissues This fluid accumulates antigens present within tissues and the fluid drains into lymphatic vessels The lymph flows to peripheral lymphoid organs lymph nodes where immune cells screen the lymph for antigens The lymph returns to venous circulation Composition of the blood 55 is plasma 45 is erythrocytes and less than 1 is buffy coat leukocytes and platelets the immune cells There are two different subclasses of immune cells present in this layer of the blood Polymorphonuclear cells PMNs are composed of neutrophils 5065 eosinophils 14 and basophils 051Mononuclear cells are composed of lymphocytes 2040 and monocytes 28 Hematopoiesis The process which generates blood cells In adults it occurs in the bone marrow In fetus it occurs in the egg sack then the liver then the bone marrow The bone marrow contains stem cells which can differentiate into
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