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Microbiology and Immunology
Microbiology and Immunology 3300B
Rodney Dekoter

Immunology NotesSept 2012 Lymphoid Tissues Central primary lymphoid tissuesSites where lymphoid cells undergo the final stages of development Tcells start development in the bone marrow but finish it in the thymus Bcells undergo development in the bone marrow Major roles of the central lymphoid tissueslymphopoiesis development of lymphoid cells starting in the bone marrowantibodyTCR gene rearrangementT cell education restricts T cells to MHC 1 or MHC 2central tolerance get rid of autoreactive cells Bone marrow Site of hematopoiesis Site where B cells rearrange their antibody genes Site where B cells undergo central tolerance Immune cells develop in cavities between bony trabeculae As you get older you get more adipocytes AdC which take over the space where hematopoietic marrow is Central toleranceB cells Generation of B cell receptors in the bone occurs when a B cell precursor rearranges its immunoglobulin genes This results in immature B cells that carry an antigen receptor antibody on their surface This phase is dependent on interactions with bone marrow stromal cells The antibody remains on the B cell and acts as a signalling receptor B cells with antibodies that recognize selfantigens either die through apoptosis or the antibody is edited upon by mutation to remove the autoreactivity The bone marrow is composed of Reticular cells which make type III collagen reticular tissue and growth factors These cells give the bone marrow structural stabilitySelfantigens source unknownStromal cells which make connective tissue and growth factors give structural supportOsteoblasts which lay down new layers of bone The thymus sits over the heart and is divided into many compartments Each one is surrounded by a capsule and then another subcapsular layer The cortex consists of immature thymocytes T cells cortical epithelial cells and macr
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