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Lecture 7

Media, Information and Technoculture 2000F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Barbara Gowdy, Germaine Dulac, Anne Michaels

Media, Information and Technoculture
Course Code
MIT 2000F/G
Daniel Robinson

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MIT2000: Film History
Lecture 7 November 2nd, 2016
Kinetograph and Kinetoscope
W.K.L. Dickson/ Thomas Edison
o Wanted to make an instrument Wanted to do for the eye, what the phone does for
the ear
Kinetograph: Moving picture camera, 1892
Kinetoscope: Peep hole viewing machine, 1893
Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893
35mm b/w motion picture (15 sec)
o Silent films Focused on a lot of movement
Dancers, acrobats, prize fighters, vaudeville performers
Ediso studio
o Tar-Paper Shack
o The orlds first fil-studio
o In New York, Chicago, San Francisco and in Toronto, these kintescope parlous were
open and people would pay money, to see these things
o The box was an individual experience Film is usually a multi experiences, with
multiple people watching together
Disappear by 1900
Inventing the Projector
Francis Jenkins/Thomas Armat
o Basic principle est. by 1895
o Projectory
Auguste/Louis Lumière Brothers
o Cinematograph in Paris, 1895 First commercial showing of a projected film in Paris
Camera and projector all developed into one
Musi aopaiet ouldt hae ee i the fil Someone would be
playing alongside the film
o Workers Leaig Luière Fator
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o Trai Arrial at La Ciotat
Showings: Phase One, 1895-1905
Late 9s ou hae the ailit to reate ieatograph
o Movies-oelt ats hasers
o Vaudeville A type of theatre, in a sense that there were type of performances
(Music, burlesque, jokes, etc.)
At the end, they would play a type of film before and after people sat down; they
were just used as an added attraction
Penny Arcades A room where they would show some of these movies
o Owners buy/rent projectors
o Regular film screenings
Traveling shows
o Have film footage (you would book some rooms) and you charge people for each show
o Itinerant exhibitors
o Tent shows
These three things were the room for awhile
Nickelodeons (1905-1918)
People started to realize that there could be a standalone place for these films
Films Only
o Continuous showings continuous loops of the same videos; you could stay and
watch for half an hour or two hours; the film would start to repeat itself though
o 1914: 18,000 (US)
o 7 mil daily admissions
Longer films
o 10-15 minutes
o One-reel westerns, melodramas
o Started to create plots and narratives
o Similar format, where you could just come in and see a bunch of these, and then leave
when you wanted to
o Then replaces by feature films
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Nickelodeon: Audience Growth
Urbanization People are starting to live in bigger cities
o The Nickelodeon is a good thing to run, in a big city
o It is convenient and accessible Sense of it as a local thing
o Cities were better for this They were in a more walking distance or an easily
accessible distance
Industrialization More people working in factories
o Not always intellectually challenging It was all the more desirable to go somewhere
afterwards and experience escape, or pleasure
More Disposable Income
o Controlling for inflating
o Double the amount of disposable income/discretionary spending
More Leisure Time
o Progressive labour reform
o People have more time in their days to do more leisure things
Leisure and Culture (Early 1900s)
Low Culture
High Culture
Dance halls
Pool hall
Minstrel shows
Burlesque theatre
School rec. programs
Church socials
Progressive Era Reformers Trying to
encourage people to do more of the right
column, than the left column
o Morally more upstanding and
developing high culture
Nickelodeon/Low Culture
Poor sanitation, smells, overcrowding
Outside barkers, handbills, lights
Darkness and morality
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