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In Google We Trust.docx

Media, Information and Technoculture
Course Code
MIT 2200F/G
Kane Faucher

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In Google We Trust: What is Data? What is Information? 02/12/2012
Information is everywhere
Important matter & energy
Who holds the info?
Who uses the info?
How is it used and for what purposes?
Kind of security protection?
Who is entitled to see the info, under what conditions?
Does info expire?
How is it organized and by whom?
Can we use information to manipulate?
Are we info-literate?
Manipulate data to get what you want
Google isn’t everything!
Possible proof that Google is not just about providing us with reliable information
type in any letter from the alphabet
what sites does Google recommend?
Search Behavior!

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Desire/ Lack (the info-gap)
The Search (+browsing)
Search Refinement
Sorting is key to organizing vast amounts of information. Most commercial websites use some form of the
drop-down menu to filter results. But what are some issues with this method? Is it perfect?
This schema is known as sorting & clustering information
Google – Slaves (Free Labour!)
Analogy : Google as House
People like to visit my house because it has neat stuff, interesting people, and is well organized
BUT: all visitors are producing the interesting stuff and are organizing it without their knowing it
I do not have to do anything but provide the space: you (and others) do all the rest for me!
Providing information online is a form of exploitation
Info Quadrant
How does it write it down?
Where do we keep it?
How is it transmitted?
How do we get at it?
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