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Lecture 4

Media, Information and Technoculture 1200F/G Lecture 4: MIT 1200 4.docx


Media, Information and Technoculture
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MIT 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

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MIT 1200 – January 14th 2015
Falling Down II: Falling Out
Speaking The Language
Everyone speaks the language of defense or protection (emotional or physical
oex: her daughter from her husband, and him losing his gun
oMr. Lee keeps his bat for defense
oD-fens is a defense worker which he is proud of because he has it as a
license place, loss of his job is tragic for him
Civil Society - He begins to act in ways that our society doesn’t allow (standing
his ground when Mr.Lee asks him to leave)
He is aware of the language he’s using
Other & Self
How do we define what is us? Or the self?
We identify the people in the centre of the culture are known of people of power,
wealth, sending out their corporate messages using media (tend to be white men,
pretty young white women)
We tend to look at people at power as the centre of the culture (media points
attention towards them)
The culture is divided into the center and then the margins
oEx: Trans unemployed black woman unemployed living on the street with
oOften class based (upper class, middle class, under class)
A range develops between the class systems
The Film
oHe moves further out in the marginalized classes, he meets people
oHis definition of the self is him and his family
oEx: Sandra: “he looked like you only taller and with more hair” aka power
looks like power
Multicultural … Racist?
We use “politically correct language” to re-signify what is going on
Change in ethnicity of cops
Is multiculturalism really working? Canada vs. US. (America is more of a melting
pot aka you are a American first, meanwhile Canada promotes
“Officeress” suggests that she is a woman first before that she is a cop
Beth – helpless Bimbo wife, the more she asks the more scattered she looks,
woman that has to be saved
Tough woman, Sandra, a woman in power not running for help
Bitch – prentegrat’s wife, she tries to control him and then he beats her down
Angelina – innocent “angel”
Woman who is the victim and evokes pity (the wife or D-Fens’ mother)
Stripper – movies often portray cops having a long day of work to go to a strip
club, because that’s what women are seen to be for
Women are in the margins
Savage & Civilized
The definition of civilized is usually made by the people in the center, then
everyone else falls around the definition
D-Fens goes through an evolution of weapons, to which he gives it all up for a
water pistol
Property Rights & Wrongs
American grounds are fertile grounds for victimism, because of our reliance of
rights, rights are the way to fulfill our desires. By claiming “rights” we are
claiming to be victims
1. We divide the world into gradations of other and self
2. We exclude “others” – people – because of gender, race and class
3. Signs tell you who’s a “human”
4. We lie despite what we say our signs mean
(Rachel isn’t a police office but a woman, an "officeresse”