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Lecture 9

Media, Information and Technoculture 1200F/G Lecture 9: MIT 1200 9.docx


Media, Information and Technoculture
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MIT 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

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MIT 1200 – February 2, 2015
Ender’s Game 3: Your Own War
Tribal and Racial Survival
Silent Enim Leges Inter Arma (Cicero, ca 106-43 B.C.E)
o“In the time of war the law is silent”
p.35 Graph calls people like bugs, theres no real difference between humans and
the buggers
Ensuring the survival, but what is legitimate and what is not?
Adorno’s Authority
Was a German philosopher and music critic, taught in Frankfurt then left for
Oxford, then he got out of Germany then went to Princeton
He joined a group of researchers, which tried to solve the problem of why the
Nazi’s came into power
The Authoritarian Personality – started studying group behavior
oProposed something that Americans didn’t want to hear, they wanted to
believe that perhaps the Germans were crazy
oAsked if Americans
oGenocide could arise anywhere, the people who condemned the Nazis as
inhuman, they are quite capable of the same acts, nothing special about the
Germans in that situation
oBy standards, perpetrators and victims
Ender is working in a system that is full on propaganda
Why do we give up our identity to fit in? Example: Rape culture
We give up our identity to get the identity of the group
Conformity and the Drive towards it
oP.212 - The power to cause pain is the only …
Making Me, Breaking You
P.167 – why did he do to Bean what …
oThe Battle school makes people into one unit
The commander’s Paradigm
They start chanting “Dragon”, we can keep individual but keep group party, the
idea is that the military is both democratic and authoritian which isn’t really
possible, there is no room for doubt or discussion
Book suggests that people shouldn’t lose themselves in the army,
You have to move together as a unit if you’re going to survive
P.113 –
We’re at the point of what will we do to win?
War Crimes
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