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Lecture 14

Media, Information and Technoculture 1200F/G Lecture 14: Nov 6th SKIM Day 1.docx

Media, Information and Technoculture
Course Code
MIT 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

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SKIM Day 1: Inside the Lines
1. Influences
Her heritage
Structure of the page greatly influenced by that
2. Seeing the Grid
The grids give the patch a rhythm
The slow night, the clocks page, moment where she is so fed up with not
sleeping that she falls asleep “Wallpaper” panel, called this because it
looks like wallpaper
Whats important about wallpaper panel is that usually there is one change
This change is in the very last box that is totally black
3. Time & Rhythm
Comics have a speed to them,
Heartbeat uneven, although she is going through the day, her heartbeat is
what is really controlling everything
Heart rate different at different points of time
4. Short Cuts
Short cuts, a lot of shit happening all at once
Ex. “Im a freak, You’re a spaz, Fuck you.” Scene
All the stuff is in one little box
Same with page that cuts out Ms. Archers head, its cut off because its
looking at the angle that Skim is looking from
She’s looking at her body, clothes, way shes sitting
We can see skim, literally looking up to
She has a crush on her, admiration etc
5. Inversions
6. Divisions
The division between Lisa and the rest of the school, remember the thing
where the girl is standing behind a wall? Its total blackness
Also that ex, when shes stepping out of the school and stepping into the
real world
It’s sorta a doorway, like a mental change too
Here, in the real world, she makes her own rules
7. Conjunctions
Not full only of food but also full of emotion, when ur full of emotion u
don’t wanna eat (lol ya ok)
8. Super-panels
Is a panel that is both background, setting, and frame for the narrative
9. Attitudes
The arch of the eyebrows, page 119. Everything here is body language
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