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Lecture 12

Media, Information and Technoculture 1200F/G Lecture 12: Nov 13th Motherhood’s Matrix.docx

Media, Information and Technoculture
Course Code
MIT 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

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Motherhood’s Matrix
Nov 13th 2014
1. Tiny Issues: Nanotechnology
Reference to a tiny tiny measure
Cm, MMl, micron then a nano
Nanotech is the outgrow of Taylorism
Give these little tiny machines specific jobs
Engineering at the smallest measure, this is the kind of technology we
have in Margin of Error
She decided to inject herself with the nanothing that made her good
looking but then Paula almost dies because by 12th generation you are
supposed to have a kid or you die
She planned revenge and what liberation is in her head
Issue of how is science going to play out
2. Male Science: Woman’s bodies
Both stories pointed in the problem of medical science being dominated
by men
That means that if there were ways of healing woman had they were
Raises the issue of womans bodies in medical science
Two sisters against each other, one of them is dominated by the male
science working industry
3. Advertising for a New Body
There is a large control over womans bodies by men through advertising
4. The Original Matrix
Both of these stories raise the question of what is and is not natural
These 3 forces are very powerful
We decide what normal is so what we think is a natural process may not be
natural for others
Karen is the natural mother, the men don’t stay long, community of
woman, in the other story, men didn’t stay long either, provided sperm and
Difference between Paula and Karens bodies is emphasized, one is perfect
and one is not
Kinda like in society
5. New Communications
Advertising recreates womans bodies
Can you recognize 2 woman in a movie not talking about men at all? But
rather talking about each other
The Bectal test
The grandpa is doing her thing rlly well tho
Karen wanted a scientific establishment, wonders how paula got it
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