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Lecture 14

Media, Information and Technoculture 1200F/G Lecture 14: Nov 27th Speech Sounds.docx

Media, Information and Technoculture
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MIT 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

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Speech Sounds: Beginning Again
1. Does literacy become us?
Does literacy make us who we are?
Only when we take away something do we realize how powerful it
actually is
What looked permanent in the 60s is completely changed
We assume these technologies will be with us but its not, technologies
change so fast
So is literacy something that we’ll lose?
In speech sounds, concept of speaking and reading has shattered entirely
Pg 192, Rye handed him her own hand symbol…people lke obsidian
who…thought she was weak”
What is it that signifies the self? If you can no longer speak your name,
how the hell would you identify yourself?
You don’t have control over your nicknames, so how you signify does not
nessisarily mean you control how you get signified
Don’t even know his name, obsidian is her interpretation of him
We each create each other
In this world of speech sounds, there is no abstract sign system
The social fabric of the culture is now wrapped around the finger of
This is what we lose in Butlers world, literacy, the tools of communication
have broken down
Typically violence erupts because you cannot communicate
Rye understands that he identified himself through his job (what other
texts did this???)
2. Information Rich & Poor
The digital divide
Pg 192 “She wanted to tell him, she had a house full of books she could
not read” (remembering the past, identity, information failing her, can see
but is blind)
Taboo against destruction of information, don’t realize how much info is
worth till its gone
Books are like information blocks, easy to use, data rich
Don’t need to recharge them
“What did literacy mean to him…she felt sick to her stomach with
frustration and jealousy…loaded gun”
When there is this lack of literacy/thing that has been missed, theres a lot
of violence that occurs
Often when this happens, it happens to woman and children, the ones who
cannot protect themselves
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