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Lecture 15

Media, Information and Technoculture 3214F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Transhumanism

Media, Information and Technoculture
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MIT 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

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MIT 1200 Zettel, Haldeman: plugged in gender
Nov 18th 2014
1. “it” is it
a shift from economy of making “things” to gaining information
we want speed and we don’t wanna hire people, that’s why people say “its hard
to find a job”
We are putting ourselves out of a job
In this world, there is no more hard copy
You’re only moving around information
A clown: dode, (class clown), more than what she seems, an ex artificial
2. Being connected
There’s no money left on earth, network down (pg 56)
Economy based on info, what happens when you can no longer connect?
Brain machine interfaces with your brain, translates them into action in a world
There is no more stuff, there is only technology
Lydia, the pilot, has become a psychotic being
Being connected, being to her, having a body and being disconnected is not
having a body
Her body is the ship, the ship body is her
3. Controlling Reality
The story about the pilot, is about watching
Focus on vision, how vision makes power (also seen in blade runner and
Who controls what?
Kim kardashian example, presumably, its her that put the pic out right? But rlly
it’s the institution/magazine, then all the people who decide they wont look at it,
they control that aspect of it
Shes frustrated at the fact that she has to use such a course material as her hand,
her teeth used to be switches, tongue turned things on
Lydia connected to the machine
4. Artificial intelligence
“its just a string of numbers, what the hell would a computer program want with
human beings are just biological computers so are we not just things too?
5. Post-human (post-gender)
How do we deal with machines that work, better, faster than we do?
Two different schools, post humanism, trans humanism
Post humanism, says there is something after human beings, something after the
physical body
The trans humans believes to extend the human into something better than they
Pg 72, that dode is an aylay
She is the new creation, she is the new being, seems to be quite human
Maybe even a better human?????
What if the machines turn out to be better than we are
Because as it turns out, we can be pretty shitty people the transfer to figital info
has made the world a lot more flexible but also a lot more vunerable
the transfer to digital info has made the world a lot more flexible but also a lot
more vulnerable
We are slaves to upgrades
Machines promise the transfer of human thought and identity to machines, and
with that, possibly immortality
As info has become more vunerable so have our identities