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Lecture 2

Media, Information and Technoculture 1200F/G Lecture 2: Sept 11th 2014 MIT 1200.docx

Media, Information and Technoculture
Course Code
MIT 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

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MIT 1200
Thurs Sept 11th 2014
Venice Marivani
1. Reading the signs
2. Film vocabularies
3. Sound meanings
4. Unnatural color
5. Speaking “human”
-Watch falling down
Signs of film
-realizes hes the bad guy
-The first couple minutes of a film can announce for you, everything that is going to
happen in the text
Children –the dead child and the one who got the restraining order “dead to him”
Flag on the side of the bus, stop signs, Christ signs (look for signs that repeat)
-Garfield (stuck on the inside of the window)
-Screaming children
-Woman putting on lipstick
-All these things indicate that its going to be a very tough day
establishing shot- show you the whole scene at once
Film vocabularies
-Pay attention to what the camera is doing
-Pay attention to the sound, music, dialogue
-Were at eyelevel first at the scene with the drive by
-Then were high up which means we know more
-The main character then comes and were eye level again and then were lower again
-Pay attention to where you are vs where the camera is
-Through his shoes, he sees the cruel world of LA (main character)
-Everything he sees through the shoe is bad
-Sees it through his shoe, cant buy new shoes because he lost his job
-when we are up high with the camera, we are in power
-When were up high, were not in the sitation
*close up
*extreme closeup
*crane shot
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