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Lecture 2

Media, Information and Technoculture 1200F/G Lecture 2: MIT 1200 - Falling into Film (3-4).docx

Media, Information and Technoculture
Course Code
MIT 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

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Sept. 17th 2013 Falling Into Film & Falling Out Lecture 3/4
MIT 1200 FALLING DOWN 1: Falling Into Film
1. Reading the Signs
When he goes to construction – film (it must not be real)
When he watches himself on film – home movie (referring to itself)
First few minutes of film you find out most info,
Watch repeated signs – things get more extreme (starts off with breathing)
Focus on mouths (start with dfens), flags (America, falling down), flashing signs on
freeway (not free), kids on bus (wammy burger)(two children who two men lost) sweat,
bumper stickers, distress, goes home.
2. Film Vocabularies
Prendergast goes higher to get a better view after recognizing a sign,
Location and knowledge are the same thing in this case (higher the camera angle, the
viewer knows more height=power) (watching what the camera is doing in regard to the
subject and where are we) He sees the nightmare America has become, people are living
in poverty,
3. Sound Meanings
What is the sound telling us: Jungle like sound, bells, screaming kids, drumming,
Ominous sound, people waiting to die
4. Unnatural Colour
Yellow colour – hot, sweaty, blue light from cooler reflected on glasses – cool
Using colour to make us feel things – feeling hot/cold. Reference to nature – home (falls
in water)
5. Speaking “Human”
Dfens uses words from last lecture, graffiti – signs, black guys make meaning of the
The film suggests much more is going on
1. Film has it’s own language of signs (as do all media)
2. Look for repeating signs
3. Pay attention to all the kinds of signs (sound, music, light, camera)
4. Any text can be read or decoded this way – and you can do it!
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