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MU1710 Oct 29

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Music 1710F/G
Cameron Johnston

October 29 Readings/Class Notes – History What can a text tell us? What was something you found effective about journalistic writing? – Talking about many different things give a broad perspective on different topics. – Humour was used to get the point across – Conversational tone: used colloquial expressions, personal pronouns – what the author was thinking Academic writing: sometimes there a lot of words we want to show, but often the most effective, compelling, convincing words uses simpler words by using evidence. Journalists engage the reader by using evidence. Without footnotes, how did you know to trust the author's authority: What you say. “I presume that some conservative Greeks felt the way when the purity of the Doric mode was perverted by the introduction of the lascivious Ionic mode” (Rosen, “The Future of Music”) - “I presume” = uses humour to get a point across. Funny because it's true. How to interpret a historical text Travel Diaries of JFA von Uffenbach – What can he tell us about Vivaldi, his music, and musical life in Venice in 1715? “likely to be true” – verifiable in another source – matches ideas, tone of other sources eg. Record of another person who talked about similar things – embarrassing to the author eg. If the author reveals something that does not put them in a favourable position
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