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MU1710 Oct 31

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Music 1710F/G
Cameron Johnston

October 31 Readings/Class Notes – History Giving Credit Where It Is Due What responsibility do we as writers have to authors, composers, and performers? Should we treat musical texts (scores), performances (recordings), and scholarship (books and articles) differently? How can we responsibly represent the work and ideas of others in our own work? My Thoughts on Integrity When it comes to copying others' works, are all faults the same? 1. Making up a quotation that proves your point. 2. Rephrasing someone else's idea without attribution. 3. Forgetting to put quotation marks around someone else's words. 4. Writing an incomplete, incorrect, or otherwise sloppy footnote. – All considered academic offences at Western. – How to avoid these problems: be responsible with other peoples' words. How do you deal with information responsibly? Should We Treat Composers, Performers, and Scholars Differently? – Whose ideas does a score transmit? Transmits the composers' intentions. – Therefore, to get a sense of the musical work, we must perform it. Interpretation of the performer. – Recordings are set in stone: preserve the ideas of the performer, rather than the composers' score. – Scores provide us with very valuable information. How Would You Write About a Performance? Come up with a chart like this” mm. 1-4 Instrument: Bach Gould Barenboim Instrument Pitches Tempo ? Not in score Fast Slow Articulation Dynamics Phrasing ETC This will result in many phrases such as “Whereas Gould [...], Barenboim [...]” “Gould emphasizes [...]” – Important to mention the performer who interprets the piece because they did all the work of interpreting the piece. Two Conceptual Ideas about Musicology and What Music Tells Us: Aesthetic and Historical/Contextual
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