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MU1710 Dec 3

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Music 1710F/G
Cameron Johnston

December 3 Readings/Class Notes – History Intention – ny times article – christi wample – How might we know what a composer meant? Intention in Music: Scruton, The Aesthetics of Music, p. 19: “Every sound intentionally made is instinctively taken to be an attempt at communication. […] In the presence of sound intentionally produced, and intentionally organized, we feel ourselves within another person’s ambit.” – Organized by a person – music connects us to a person's thought. Intention – what does Beethoven mean to convey with the way the structure is organized? Turkish March – why might Beethoven interrupt the choral statement with this march? Turkish March Text Why would Beethoven have chosen a military setting for this section? – Music is a metaphor for overcoming oppression and what resists freedom and brotherhood – Peace is something to be celebrated as a military victory is Why does the music contrast so markedly in character from the previous section? - Emphasis to bring attention to the word. Different stanza, cast and character Why the “low” character of the music? Movement of exalted mode of expression with the choir and orchestra in 4/4 to the strange march with cymbals, bassoons. (High register of brotherhood moving to the lower register) – Perhaps he is mocking victory, or genuinely trying to imply it – March to victory may outline the end of the world, aestheticizing the idea of war – *Beethoven definitely means to capture some idea with the March – *Not an actual battle – musical celebration of a battle already achieved. Diversion into new musical texture works for
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